Loan SigningEveryone goes through a tough time in their life and unfortunately those tough times might make it more difficult for you to move forward financially. It might make it harder to get a traditional loan from a bank even your own bank, for your next big purchase.

That’s where Excel Financial comes in. We are a lender that can help build the bridge from where you are now financially to where you want to be while helping you make that next big purchase.

Historically, these loans have been called poor credit loans, bad credit loans, no credit loans, and title loans. However, we like to simply call them opportunities for your buying success.

Loans To Meet Your Needs

Find confidence in the fact that Excel Financial is your local lender who will try to help you now and make your financial future that much brighter. Some of the loans we offer to our clients include:

Auto Loans

Auto LoansHaving a working vehicle is important to your daily life especially getting to and from work. We help individuals get the auto loan they need even those who don’t have much credit history and are buying their first car.

Personal Loans

Medical LoanSudden life events can happen at any time. From medical and dental emergencies, to divorce and legal proceedings, to unfortunately family burial situations. When these life events happen to you, we are ready to help.

RV Loans

RV LoansHitting the open road in your own recreational vehicle (RV) shouldn’t be hindered by the fact that traditional banks typically don’t like to make RV loans. That’s where Excel Financial will help get you on your next road vacation.

ATV & Boat Loans

Boat LoanOregon is a great home to outdoor activities that can be made more fun with your own all terrain vehicle (ATV) or boat. Don’t let traditional banks hinder your recreation activities.

Vacation Loans

Vacation LoanEveryone needs a break from our beautiful Northwest, in hopes of exploring something exotic and foreign. If you need the money to book your next vacation, let us help you get your travel plans moving in the right direction.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Consolidation LoanWhen you fall on hard times and it feels like past debt will never go away; debt consolidation is available to take multiple higher interest rate debt into one lump payment plan that will help eliminate your debt for good.