Real One Dollar Bill Money Tree

Money Tree

If you haven’t heard of a Yenom Tree, then you might be behind your botanical minded friends.

The new Yenom Tree grows money, or more precisely, dollar bills. Expect one dollar bills to be grown first, but the new hybrid Yenom Tree has been shown to grow 5 dollar bills.

The tree’s creator, a Mrs. Loo Flirpa of Appleton, Wisconsin has even entered into “an exclusive arrangement with the U.S. Mint to sell Yenom tree seedlings through a system of greenhouses to be operated through local offices of the Federal Reserve System.”

Now that is exciting stuff. Too bad it’s all a hoax, and this is way of saying Happy April Fools.

Though you can’t grow dollar bills from a Yenom (Money spelled backwards) Tree, you can stay on budget with excellent loans from Excel Financial to help when you need it most.

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