3 Websites For Buying Your Next Used Car

Used Car

Nowadays you can buy anything on the internet, right?

Well, why not your next vehicle?

Here are three websites that might make finding your next used car a bit more simple of a process.


When it comes to finding great deals for anything to buy, look no further than Craigslist. This notion is true when purchasing a used car as well.

Sure, there is a ton of junk for sale on Craigslist, but if you look close enough, you may just find the right used car and an extremely affordable price. Craigslist used cars can truly bring to light some diamonds in the rough, or perhaps an older car that has been well maintained and stored in a garage, and not look much more older than a more recent model.

Also, on Craigslist, you can choose to purchase from individual owners, or a wide selection of local dealers. No matter what, choose wisely.


AutoTrader is a well established website and print publication that has been around for years, and has a well trusted brand following. Their website is just as well trusted as their print editions.

Few websites surpass AutoTrader.com when it comes to advanced search tools. Not only does the site’s initial search let you choose the make, model, and price of your desired car, but you can also filter your results based on the type of car you want, its fuel economy, exact specifications, or a variety of other notable features.

For instance, do you want a car with an intuitive navigation system? How about a sedan with four doors and keyless entry? Then check the requisite box for either option and let the result populate.


Maybe you’ve seen their commercials and have been a bit skeptical of the claims made in those commercials, but Cars.com is a website that is a deep and extensive resource for anyone shopping for a used car.

Filters allow you to search based on make, model, and the highest possible price for any used or certified pre-owned car in your area. Once you find your desired car, Cars.com provides quick links to the car’s various Carfax reports.

Also, you can instant message the dealer or owner directly if they’re currently online, or simply email them if they’re not.

Cars.com makes finding and buying a car online pretty simple, especially for first-time buyers.

Getting A Loan

Since a lot of used car deals involve smaller amounts of money, or may include vehicles not under a standard warranty, or you simply might need help because of your credit score, you might have difficulty getting a traditional loan. Contact us to see how we can help making your next used car purchase a reality.

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